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Get started with a 30 min free consultation

Fill out a simple questionnaire to help us get to know you better, your current training level and your overall goals so that we can have a more valuable and effective free consultation call.

  • Free consultation call

    A chance for us to find out about each other to see if we are a good fit.

  • Onboarding process

    Following payment, you will be invited to join our team on the training software Xhale and TrueCoach. Next you will be asked to link your account with any wearable devices you use in order to share your stats so we can monitor and track progress. Finally, you will be set up with access into our members only resource area where you can watch, read and learn in your own time alongside your training plan.

  • Baseline screening tests

    Strengths, weaknesses, imbalances in the gym, swim, bike, run mechanics are all assessed. Log into the members area to see the details of what you have to do. Simply record and upload your videos, and fill in the related questionnaires. We will then give you feedback on your current level and how we will move forward towards your goals.

  • Start your training

    Once you have completed the screening process, your sessions will appear in your app training calendars ready to go within a few days.