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Looking to conquer the ultimate endurance test of triathlon but worried about the risk of injury?

Triathlon Academy is a unique online programme that combines triathlon coaching and physio led strength and conditioning, to create comprehensive support in-order to achieve your goals and improve your performance injury-free.

Who is this for?

If any of these describe your experience so far, then the good news is that Triathlon Academy is perfect for you.

Are you over 40 and training for triathlon?
Training as an older athlete needs careful consideration in order to achieve the correct training balance. Just like you are wiser now than you were in your 20’s, you also have to approach your training in the same way - smarter not harder.
Are you repeatedly breaking down with injury?
Any issues are addressed before the aerobic volume builds and intensity increases. Your imbalances are identified and rectified early, so you are less likely to suffer an injury from the repetitive actions of triathlon.
Are you constantly fatigued and struggling to improve performance?
Overtraining is a common occurrence in Triathlon. The goal is optimal loading, not maximal. Just because you can do something does not mean you should. Pushing through high levels of fatigue can lead to problems.
Has training become a cause of stress rather than a source of enjoyment?
Your sport should bring enjoyment and give you a break from the stresses of your day to day existence. In turn, training correctly can hep you prosper and help you to thrive in all aspects of life.
Have you had previous injuries that are continuing to hold you back?
By examining your swimming, cycling, and running techniques, along with your equipment and nutritional preferences, we can provide you with guidance to develop your knowledge and comprehension of all facets of the sport, and identify what strategies are effective for you.
Are you training a lot but failing to improve body composition?
Like injury and fatigue, this can be a clear symptom that your total stress is too high. Factoring in external stressors before prescribing training and incorporating good recovery methods into your lifestyle will help you towards your goal physique.

How does this differ from standard triathlon coaching?

Triathlon Academy is a unique online coaching system that combines triathlon coach and physio, who work hand in hand to guide your aerobic and strength training for the best possible results.

Your coach hasn't got the experience of injury management, your physio likely doesn't understand the needs of your sport or you don't have direct feedback from them to adjust loading in a timely manner. We solve this issue as the coach and physio work together closely, looking at all aspects of your training and lifestyle.

Through this method we aim to:

Stop the stress and struggle.
Training for Triathlon can be done in an enjoyable and sustainable way that ultimately leads to a great performance on race day.
Limit preventable injuries.
This holistic approach ensures that the likelihood of breakdown due to previous injuries or poor training loads and recovery are mitigated.
Promote recovery for return.
Training using this philosophy means time away from training due to injury is minimised, as any issues are communicated quickly and training adjusted to maintain the optimal balance. This results in longer periods of consistent training allowing you to progress and develop as an athlete.
Close up photo of a high performance cycling racing bike

Why does this approach work?

Triathlon is a strength endurance sport. To complete you need to be strong and stable as well as aerobically fit. In many cases the limiting factor on performance is not aerobic capacity, but your body's ability to endure, absorb and recover from the training required.

Through coaching you will learn what your body responds to and needs to thrive and perform. How you are feeling day to day, session to session is as important as pace, heart rate, power data that we get from your wearable device.

With this coaching we aim to develop:

Technique and skill.
Improve your swim, bike and run technique and mechanics whilst developing aerobic fitness.
Foundation of strength.
Gain strength and stability in the gym and a better understanding of how this benefits each individual discipline.
Sustainable training and lifestyle.
Achieve balance in your life through nutrition practices, recovery methods and the formation of good habits around your sport.
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Get started with a 30 min free consultation

Fill out a simple questionnaire to help us get to know you better, your current training level and your overall goals so that we can have a more valuable and effective free consultation call.

  • Free consultation call

    A chance for us to find out about each other to see if we are a good fit.

  • Onboarding process

    Following payment, you will be invited to join our team on the training software Xhale and TrueCoach. Next you will be asked to link your account with any wearable devices you use in order to share your stats so we can monitor and track progress. Finally, you will be set up with access into our members only resource area where you can watch, read and learn in your own time alongside your training plan.

  • Baseline screening tests

    Strengths, weaknesses, imbalances in the gym, swim, bike, run mechanics are all assessed. Log into the members area to see the details of what you have to do. Simply record and upload your videos, and fill in the related questionnaires. We will then give you feedback on your current level and how we will move forward towards your goals.

  • Start your training

    Once you have completed the screening process, your sessions will appear in your app training calendars ready to go within a few days.

Frequently asked questions

Can't find the answer you're looking for? Reach out at david@trinetic.co.uk.

Yes, absolutely. This means you will be able to get on the right path from the outset and you are really increasing your chances of having a very positive first race experience.

As part of our onboarding process we will dive into your training history. This includes looking at what training has worked for you in the past. We will combine your previous experience, add in our knowledge and methods and really refine and improve what you are doing.

You don't need a huge amount to get going. Ideally you would start with:

  • Regular swim kit
  • Road bike or TT bike
  • Turbo trainer
  • Run gear
  • Heart rate monitor and GPS device

That's it. We can advise on specific items for race day and any upgrades or new equipment for training as we go along.

Not necessarily. It would be good, but not essential. Especially initially a lot of strength and conditioning could be done at home with minimal equipment. We will always base excercises around what you have access to.

Yes, if you find the sessions enjoyable and beneficial. We will look at the intensity and volume of these group sessions and then balance the rest of the plan around this. This way we can still achieve the correct training load.

There is no fixed amount. The total volume, intensity and balance of each discipline will be very individual. The goal is for the training load to only go as far as an amount you can recover from and therefore adapt to. That being said, expect for the total volume to increase as you build towards an event. But based on your performance and feedback we do aim to keep it manageable and fun.

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) can have an impact on your training for a triathlon, but this impact will depend on several factors, including the type of HRT you are taking, your current hormone levels, and your overall health and fitness level.

If you are experiencing side effects from your HRT, such as fatigue or changes in your mood or energy levels, this could also impact your ability to train effectively for a triathlon.

The key is to work closely with us tracking any potential side effects and addressing them accordingly. This way allows us to develop a training regimen that takes into account your individual health needs and hormone levels, and we can make any necessary adjustments as needed.

Overall, while HRT may impact your training for a triathlon, it is still possible to train effectively and achieve your goals with proper management and support.

Yes, you can absolutely still train for a triathlon.

Regardless of whether you are in perimenopause or not, it is still possible to train for a triathlon. Regular exercise is crucial for maintaining overall health and wellbeing, and triathlon training can provide a great opportunity to challenge yourself both physically and mentally.

As you age, your body may respond differently to exercise, and you may experience unique symptoms related to perimenopause. By tracking these symptoms, we can customize your training and recovery plan to best suit your needs.

With the right support and guidance, there is no reason why you cannot continue to train for a triathlon as you age. It's important to find the right balance and listen to your body, making any necessary adjustments to your training intensity and duration. Incorporating strength training to maintain bone density, and managing symptoms such as hot flashes or mood changes, can also be helpful in achieving your fitness goals.

We want to work with athletes who want to work with us and who are fully engaged in the process. So, if you feel after 4 weeks that this is not for you we will refund you ⅔ of the upfront fee for the 12 weeks.

If there are extenuating circumstances during the 12 week period and you are unable to train at all, we will also do a pro rata refund from that point to the end of the 12 weeks.

If you continue with coaching after the initial 12 week block, the monthly recurring subscription can be stopped or paused anytime before the start date of the next month.